Welcome to the UCI World Youth Games 2016

from the 5th to 7th of August 2016 the Racing Team Freiamt welcomes you to the yearly bike trial World Youth Games.

The objective of trial is moving a bike through natural or artificial sections with the least body contact to the ground possible. The difficult obstacles are often even by foot nearly impossible to clear. Obstacles are marked with tapes, signs and arrows in different colours that indicate different categories. An obstacle can include multiple elements. In Freiamt, most elements are made of local materials like logs and rocks, but are also made of things like concrete parts or cable reel.

As an experienced organizer of big motorsports events we look forward to organizing the World Youth Games this year.

Diverse courses are built by specialists of the MSC Münstertal, an internationally competing bike trial organization. They know how to build the courses with the right difficulty for each individual age.